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Thirteen nights of live and local music in Emmendingen

April 25, 2014 in News 2013, News 2014 by Administrator

Emmendingen BandTen bands playing live in ten places in downtown, on the night of Thursday, May 1, in Emmendingen as part of 13th nights of music.

“The Night of Music has become a firm fan base that is constantly bringing and attracting new visitors,” says Hubert Buehrer, and initiator at the Gastro circle within the towns trade association.

The Palio host maintains contact with other colleagues and has secure knack for music groups. Every yeoar he manages the balancing act between good and yet affordable music.

“Where else is there for a one-time entry price, can you listen to so much different music,” said Theo, as he is convinced of the combination of classic restaurant food and live music has worked for over 30 years.

With him on the marketplace in Palio “ACA-Coustic” plays alongside their own songs frills rock and ballads by Pink Floyd, Deep Purple or Amanda Marshall. “Rock & Roll Big Block” occur in the Café Emotion. The Rockabilly sound dates from the 1950s and 1960s.

The Rock and Roll of the 50s from “Pig-Ass & The Hood” are at Caffè Narona beside the town church on the program. Beyond the railroad tracks, in Shamrock, there are of “bähd s bluh” authentic Straight skirt, reminiscent of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and revive the rock classics from 1970 to 1990. “The Right Direction” are at Café Dackler “Clauss S. & Friends.”

At Post, located between the marketplace and the railway station, is a mixture of pop, listen rock with a dash of funk “Slim feat. Jeans” also has his own compositions in his repertoire. Singer Frank Vetter has upped the whole range of emotional and powerful.

In the Castle Basement, “The Swipes” perform. Typical of her music are sprinklings of reggae or whipping punk riffs. Here and there they are reminiscent of the cult group The Who, but they turn the tempo up a gear when they resort to rock and roll, psychedelic or garage punk.

The “Magnetband” is a guest at the “Café in the Back Building” in the Markgrafenstraße. There is therefore Jazz, Funky, hip-hop and New Orleans play music.

Fizzy pop and New Folk promises the singer Rebekka Dold with her band in the Vielharmonie in Karl-Friedrich-Straße. The arrangements are multi-faceted and the group radiates pure joy. Word lovers lyrics and melodious voice of the singer goosebumps make the music so special. This crystal-clear voice she inherited from her mother Roswitha, who also is no stranger to the music industry.

Story and Photo: Badische Zeitung Emmendingen
Photo: Gerda Oswald

Emmendingen Carnival takes over the town and celebrates

January 9, 2014 in News 2013, News 2014 by Administrator

Emmendingen Carnival PictureFoolish anniversaries begin when looking at the carnival flyers 2014 after the Christmas holidays have left the municipality and the Narrengilde , or “Fools Guild” of which there is 44, join together for this years Carnival.

“The carnival is one of the biggest events in Emmendingen,” said Mayor Stefan Schlatterer, “and it has a very specific offer, something for everyone.”

Emmendingen with also hold 20 events as well, Gerhard Biirklin was delighted – especially against the background that fewer and fewer officials organising the carnival – “Many want to do it, but nobody wants to do it” Mr Biirklin commented.

The opener is on Saturday with the Witches Ball stronghold of Boehle-hexene in the hall, with other anniversaries including: The Mundinger Krütsköpf, who celebrate on 1st February their 22 years anniversary and Dämmerumzug, two weeks later with the seniors carnival which has reached the same age.

Video: Emmendingen Carnival 2009

Story and Photo: Badische Zeitung Emmendingen
Video: deovahni (via YouTube)

Fundraising Proms set to raise the roof in 2014

January 7, 2014 in News 2013, News 2014 by Administrator

Last Night of the PromsThe Newark Twinning Association’s 2014 Last Night of the Proms is set to take place on Saturday, 8th February.

This annual fund raiser is taking place at the Palace Theatre, Newark, with tickets on sale now, featuring the Ransome Reunion Band, and hosted by Howard Newport.

The history of the event begins in the early days of the Twinning Association’s existence it was clear that a major fund raising event would need to be arranged, ideally one which could be run on an annual basis.

As the Association had developed from the Town Council a couple of former Town Councillors, Len Wilkes and Tom Bickley, together with the then Town Clerk, Mike Wilson, approached the Ransome Band to investigate the possibility of a joint event. The end result of their discussions was the “Last Night of the Proms” with the inaugural event held in the Sconce Hills School Hall in 1984 and so was born one of the most popular concerts in Newark’s musical calendar.

The profits from the “Last Night of the Proms” are used by the association to help to fund the various visits to and from our twin towns, which year include Emmendingen and Saint-Cyr-Sur-Loire.

Tickets for the “Last Night of the Proms” will be available from the Palace Theatre Box Office, or Chair Rita Crowe.

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